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    Become a Superhero

    CarbonAce turns the average person into a superhero and enables you to capture and store CO2, not in your backyard, but as a share in a powerful device. For less than $100, you own a piece of advanced (patent pending) tech that locks carbon away forever, reversing climate change, saving the world. Go baking soda!

    Complete the Carbon Cycle

    The carbon dioxide you pull out of the air can be used to turbocharge greenhouses, stored as soda or sent to you to recycle. Since everything is used again and again, CarbonAce is completing the carbon cycle without adding to the problem. CO2 is pulled out of the air and used for good.

    Advanced Technology

    A Simple Solution

  • How CarbonACE! Works

    Project N.I.C.E. (NegatIve Carbon Emissions)

    The Problem

    Global Eco-system - Bad, Getting Worse

    We are all now too familiar with the ravages of climate change and it is hard to dispute that it is only getting worse. A 4 degree change in global temperatures would result in the inundation of coastal cities. We are already at 1 degree above pre-industrial levels, with no sign of abatement. The CarbonACE invention attempts to reverse this trend by large scale deployment of a simple and effective carbon capture and storage (CCS) system.

    The Solution

    CarbonACE Direct Air Detainment (D.A.D.) device

    CarbonACE has devised a unique device for CCS that is scalable, derived from its low-cost construction; efficient, in its ability to process and large amounts of ambient air (1500CFM); effective, from its activated carbon pre-filter capture and safe, by virtue of its sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda) storage of CO2 within the device itself.

    The Competition

    We Wish Them the Best

    Although there are many sources of CO2, the largest by far is from energy production. Existing CCS systems conceive capturing carbon dioxide at its creation source, such as power plants and large-scale carbon dioxide generators. This would require large investments in infrastructure, and thus increases in prices, to not only capture the newly created CO2, but would not re-capture what has already been emitted.


    Efforts to utilize biological capture in the form of algae, biochar, reforestation, crop-rotation, etc. Similarly to power-plant capture, these present immense logistical challenges to get existing market participants to cooperate to achieve an objective that is currently perceived as an externality. The reality is there are significant structural challenges that prevent broad adoption and use of even existing and proven technologies.

    About CarbonACE!

    Reversing Climate Change, Saving Humankind

    In order to reduce CO2 to sub-300 ppm (from its current 400), and avoid the cataclysmic results that will occur if nothing is done, while maintaining our conventional lifestyle, a creative and innovative solution is called for. What we are proposing as a solution is a highly distributed carbon capture and storage system. The CarbonACE device gathers CO2 from the area surrounding the device, and converts it immediately into sodium bicarbonate for the consumer to use or store. The novelty is an orders of magnitude cost reduction in system components, broad distribution of capture and storage, and alignment of incentives of participants with carbon capture objectives

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